RTB-Media is responsible for the security of personal data of its users. Present Privacy Policy applies to user data that RTB-Media collects, processes and stores in order to provide advertising services. RTB-Media does not collect or store any data that certifies one’s personality, and does not bind the collected data with the users' personal data.

RTB-Media operates strictly in accordance with the principles of personal data protection legislation of the United States and in accordance with the ethical standards introduced by international agencies for personal data protection. website

RTB-Media does not collect personal information that identifies visitors of website, except for information provided voluntarily. Voluntarily provided information is used solely for the purposes described when collecting such information.

RTB-Media Advertising services

Anonymous data

RTB-Media may collect user’s data without personal identification. This data includes:

  • IP-address for geolocation information;
  • information about operating system and Web browser;
  • views/clicks on ads;
  • the number of visits of the website.


RTB-Media may use cookies to collect non-personal data that uses identification of user's browser. Data collected through cookies is used in order to provide relevant advertisement. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's hard drive when visiting a website. A cookie is associated with a web browser and is unique for each browser. Cookies’ text file does not contain the name, address, phone number, mailing address, email address, gender, age, or any other user's personal information.

RTB-Media customers can use their own database that may contain personal data of users. In such cases, the RTB-Media clients use users’ personal data exclusively for promotional purposes, with all the necessary requirements to protect the confidentiality of this data. RTB-Media shall not be liable in case of improper use of the data provided voluntarily. RTB-Media does not collect, store or bind data provided voluntarily with other users’ data, and does not pass this data to third parties.

Personal data

RTB-Media does not sell or pass any personal information about their users and/or customers to third parties. RTB-Media may disclose personal information in the following cases:

  • User or client has consented to the disclosure of personal information in accordance with the service code;
  • Entry into force of the relevant requirements of the United States legislation;
  • RTB-Media has the right to pass summary information about the users to third parties. Generalized user data does not include personal information or data which can personally identify the user.

RTB-Media Account

Client of the RTB-Media has the right to change his/her account settings at any time. Personal data of customer’s account is password protected.

Disable identification

RTB-Media uses cookies to identify user's web browser, which allows advertisers to display relevant ads. If users are against the use of their data for the selection of the most appropriate ads, they can disable the cookie below.

Please note:

  • After turning off the cookie, you will still see ads on websites, but advertisers will lose the opportunity to make it relevant.
  • If you delete or otherwise change the cookies on your computer (including upgrading your web browser), you may need to disable cookies once again.
  • Identification cookies are set with a bound to the domain The duplication of this cookie-file with reference to the domain, where the tools for statistics counting of RTB-Media are located, is possible. After identification disabling these cookies will be deleted.

Changes in present Privacy Policy

RTB-Media has the right to change this privacy policy - wholly or partly. In case of such changes RTB-Media is obliged to update the description of the policy on its website

Questions or comments regarding present RTB-Media Privacy Policy should be addressed to