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Programmatic Trading Desk
for Media Buyers


Manage all campaigns in a single
interface, get results and optimize them
on the run.


Launch ad campaigns on your
own then optimize it on the run
and reduce costs.


Pick the best way to sell your
inventory by the highest price.

What is the good of RTB and programmatic
for your ad campaigns?
Reduce costs via RTB

Real-time bidding (RTB) technology allows to increase CTR and reduce CPA. Thus, you'll get wider impact with the same budget.

RTB-Media uses all the available data. We are connected to all the major DSPs and DMPs that operate worldwide.

Make multiscreen truly personal

Programmatic allows to adroitly preset what message to show in dependence of wide range of environment triggers: weather, time of the day, traffic jams, type (or even model) of device, city, district, previous interaction experience and (almost) everything you can imagine.

Use the benefits of Big Data

Programmatic technologies entirely based on processing different kinds of the data: from cookies to DPI logs, credit history and search queries.

Technology stack of RTB-Media works on each
step of purchase funnel


RTB reduces costs of the ads to increase reach


Sociodemographic and geotargeting, look-alike, and ready-made audience segments at work

Consideration and Evaluation

3 types of retargeting, dynamic creative


Dynamic creative


Cross-channel retargeting, video,
social media ads

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