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RTB-Media is A smart Trading Desk for real-time bidding

A simple way to add a programmatic ad buying platform

We collaborate with ad agencies as a White Label technological partner. Our service integrates with all the platforms and necessary tools to manage online ads programmatically.
We can help when your client requires you to apply some of programmatic solutions that you don't have. We can help when the number of online campaigns becomes too large to manage it manually.

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Buying Automation
Within a month of tests we automate budget allocation across different buying platforms (DSPs)
Mobile RTB
Machine learning algorithms automatically optimize campaigns across all the devices
Data Management Platform
We collect, buy, process, analyze and use terrabytes of data to advertisers' advantage
Ready - Made Audience Segments
Quick way to start. Our interface allows you to launch campaigns by choosing ready-made audience segments from a comprehensive list of segments
Look-Alike Segments
Specifically target people who "look" similar to your current customers: show same interests, behaviour and demographic characteristics
Custom Segments
Customize offers to specific target segments to maximize ad effictiveness and ROI
Contextual Targeting
Communicate seamlessly at the moment of real interest. Deliver your ads while user reads something relevant.
Product retargeting
Offer specific products to users who showed specific interest. Offer additional products and discounts to increase sales
Cross-channel retargeting
Deliver consistent message from laptop to phone, to tablet and from social networks to video marketing
Search Targeting
Stop paying for overcompetitive channels. Target your ads based on search queries at a much better price
Viewability & Traffic Control
Accurately measure the real impact of branding and performance campaigns
Brand Safety
You can set a black list of web pages or entire cathegories of pages where you'll not appear