Digital Dream Team

Our story began in 2013. By this time, each of us has worked in advertising agencies and IT-companies for several years. We had built strong client relationships, managed projects, developed strategies, coded apps, launched campaigns, researched the market, and analyzed web traffic.

In the summer of 2013, we joined forces and launched RTB-Media with the goal of simplifying programmatic ad buying for brand marketers and digital advertising industry executives.

Impulse VC invested in RTB-Media in February 2013. Over the next eight months, we launched close to 200 campaigns for more than 120 clients. We have been growing exponentially ever since!

The highest click-thru rate we've reach in 2015 thus far
We provide more than 120,000 audience segments for our customers to target
Saw our clients' campaigns in 2014
1.Wholistic and
Multichannel Approach
We take the time to understand our customer goals and painpoints to deliver them the optimal solution. Our platform focuses on connecting over 120,000 target audience segments with revenue generating Ad channels. We want your target audience to recieve Ads relevant to their needs and at the highest point of interest.
2.Transparency and Ethics
We have the ability to track and show where each dollar has been spent. Mutual competitors can trust us to keep their business information private.
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