Will Google’s Allo Change Search?

Can we predict the future? We’re not saying we can. But we’re also not not saying we can…

In a manner quite apropos to our AI-related post two days ago, Google threw down one massive gauntlet yesterday at I/O to companies considering bots. This, of course, came in the form of Allo (al-oh), a mobile-only messaging app that will be released later this summer. As with all things Google, Allo will impress you–and you bet our team at RTB-Media will be using it when it comes out. However, we’re all left wondering what the future of advertising will hold once the app kicks in and shakes up the search environment.

The app presents fun new utilization you won’t see on an average chat app, such as the “WhisperShout” mode which will allow you to shrink or enlarge text before sending. You will also be able to doodle on any photos you send right on the chat screen.


But don’t let that distract you from Google’s super fast-learning chatbot that can do it all.

From inside a chat with @google, you can ask Google’s AI assistant whatever you would type into a search box in a way that is more natural to you. It will not only answer and make suggestions, but also be capable of having a casual chat. The Google Assistant can play games with you, book a table for you to a restaurant or venue through OpenTable, tell you the weather…basically, it can do whatever Google is capable of.

Also, by typing @google in a chat, you will be able to “invite” the bot to the chat and ask it questions in a group setting. This will makes any kind of group planning scenario easier and faster.

What could this mean for Google search and search in general? If the chat app is widely adopted, and people become used to the convenience of in-app searching, could people begin abandoning the search pages in favor of @google? Could this present a problem to businesses that rely on search ads? Marketers would do well to keep their eyes on Allo.

For now, it looks like Google’s chatbot will be incredibly intuitive. Powered by machine learning which draws from your previous responses, the chatbot will provide reply suggestions (or “suggestion chips”) in chats you have with friends and family. That’s right. This chatbot will be able to recognize exactly what kind of message you received and its content, and then interpret what kind of responses you might have for that message. Cool, and a bit creepy.


Source: Official Google Blog

What with Google being so ubiquitous, this new app could be what it takes for the general population to dip their toes in the realm of AI. This Google Assistant technology could very well be warmly received by the public, encouraged by ease of use and convenience.

Excited for this chatbot? Got any thoughts on how it will affect the future of advertising? Let us know what you think about this latest announcement from Google.