Top Advertising Campaigns of 2015

The first week of 2016 has come and gone (can you believe it?!). We wanted to kick off the New Year by looking back at some inspiring campaigns that Adweek has named as the top three best campaigns of 2015.



The best advertisement of 2015, according to AdWeek, was Geico’s “Unskippable” ad. This advertisement was so short, it was literally impossible to skip! The clever minds behind this advertisement came from The Martin Agency who also brought us the infamous, Geico Caveman.

The Martin Agency recognized that viewership for YouTube pre roll advertisements are at an all time low once the skip button is active. According to AdWeek, 96% of viewers skip YouTube advertisements to move on to their video of choice. This advertisement took the problem of consumers skipping over these pre roll commercials and turned it into a funny, innovative and creative advertisement that fits Geico’s brand. A series of four spots were created that worked as television spots as well as YouTube pre roll ads. The campaign was an absolute success. Not only was the campaign voted the number one campaign of 2015 by AdWeek, but it also won a coveted ‘Grand Prix’ award at Cannes.


Snickers took second place for the best advertisement of 2015 for its classic “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. This spot, created by BBDO takes a spin on the classic commercial by featuring a famous scene from The Brady Bunch with Danny Trejo as a frustrated Marcia Brady and ends hilariously, with Steve Buscemi storming off in a huff playing Jan Brady. This commercial aired during the Super Bowl and received massive acclaim and popularity due to its perfectly timed humor and wit, all while including famous pop-culture references.

In order to drive excitement and anticipation for their Super Bowl advertisement, the Snickers social team asked consumers to engage with the hashtag ‘#EatASnickers’ by either liking, commenting or sharing content that included the hashtag in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. After receiving 2.5 million engagements with the hashtag, the full commercial was released four days before the big game. In the end, the Snickers Super Bowl commercial was the second most shared spot on social media. The success of this campaign was due to its strategic 360 approach and the clever creative that touched the hearts of viewers of all ages.


The third best advertisement of the year according to Adweek was Comcast Xfinity’s “Emily’s Oz,” which was created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners . This campaign follows a young blind girl named Emily as she narrates in perfect detail what she imagines as she listens to the classic film, The Wizard of Oz. As she explains the look and feel of her characters, beautiful animations of Emily’s imagination come to life. What is quite remarkable about this campaign is that Goodby Silverstein & Partners sought out Emily, had her listen to the Wizard of Oz, interviewed her and then brought her own imagination to life all while promoting Comcast’s “talking guide” for individuals with disabilities.

Comcast then complimented their television commercial taping the digital media agency Huge to design and develop an entire website dedicated to ‘Emily’s Oz.’ On the site, users can explore Emily’s Oz and get to know each one of the classic movie characters re-imagined. The addition of the digital component was truly what made this campaign unique. The site gave users a full immersive digital experience that complimented the beautiful television commercial that originally hooked them into the campaign.

Each one of these campaigns included strategic storytelling ideas, innovative ways of selling products, and a hell of a lot of brilliant creativity.


What were some of your favorite campaigns of 2015?